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Take Out Menu



Hours of operation:

Take out will be available Tuesday - Saturday from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM 

In House dining available Tuesday - Saturday beginning at 12:00 PM 

A service charge of 15% will be added automatically to parties of 8 or more



Calamari 12.5
flash fried golden rings of calamari, roasted garlic herb aioli and lemon

Stuffed Mushrooms 13
Mushrooms filled with asiago cheese, and crumbled sausage, served with spicy herb cream sauce

Lava Lava Shrimp 12.5
Crispy shrimp, lava lava sauce, green and red onions

Cracked Black Pepper Steak Kabobs 12
brandy peppercorn sauce and roasted garlic bread

*GF  Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps 14
mushrooms, cashews, marinated chicken in ponzu, lettuce cups, sweet chili & tamarind cashew sauces

Coconut Prawns 13
panko and coconut crusted fried prawns, asian slaw, sweet chili aioli

*GF  Crispy Brussel Sprouts 10
topped with pepper bacon, bleu cheese, marinated red onions, cherry tomatoes and balsamic glaze



Cup 6.25 / Bowl 12.50



*GF  Wedge Salad 15
iceberg lettuce wedge, bleu cheese crumbles, bleu cheese dressing, bacon crumbles chopped egg

*GFO  Grilled Steak Salad 26.5 (pairs well with G3 red blend)

CAB 8 oz. petite tender steak grilled, sliced over tossed mixed greens, creamy italian dressing, blue cheese crumbles, candied walnuts, cherry tomatoes, tobacco onions and balsamic glace

*GF   Zesta Chop Salad 16 (pairs well with Jones Of Washington riesling)
iceberg lettuce, mozzarella cheese, peas, tomato, salami, roasted chicken, creamy italian vinaigrette, basil, parmesan cheese

*GFO  Caesar Salad 12.5
cut hearts of romaine with fresh parmesan crostinis, house caesar dressing, parmesan cheese
Chicken Ceasar 19 / Ten Prawn Ceasar 24 / Salmon Caesar 28



Tuesday Only !!!

Fish Tacos
Blackened salmon 17,or fresh halibut 19, served with
chipotle cream, corn tortillas, pico de gallo, marinated red onions, sliced jalapenos


Chopped Sirloin Steak 18
Chargrilled to your liking , topped with mushroom, brandy peppercorn sauce, seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes

Jambalaya 32
Sautéed chicken, shrimp, andouille sausage, and vegetables, spicy tomato sauce over dirty rice

Shrimp Scampi 26
Large gulf prawns sautéed in butter with garlic, herbs diced tomatoes, spices and tossed with chardonnay butter sauce. Served over capellini noodles and roasted asparagus

12oz New York Steak  42 (pairs well with Jigsaw pinot noir)
New York steak served with seasonal vegetables, fried leaks, brandy peppercorn sauce and your choice of roasted red potatoes or garlic whipped potatoes

Eggplant Parmesan  25 (pairs well with Thurston Wolfe)
fried eggplant, marinara, crispy polenta, pesto cream sauce, herbed ricotta, fried basil leaf, balsamic reduction

*GF   Cedar Baked Salmon 27 (pairs well with L'Ecole chardonnay)
fresh salmon baked in our wood-stone oven, risotto, local seasonal vegetables , chardonnay beurre-blanc sauce

Alaskan Cod Fish And Chips 16
parmesan panko encrusted cod, french fries, with house made tartar sauce

Parmesan Halibut 28 (pairs well with Zenato pino grigio)
fresh alaskan halibut, parmesan crusted, beurre blanc sauce, roasted garlic whipped potatoes, local seasonal vegetables  

*GFO  Petite Tender Medallions 26 (pairs well with Notebook red blend)
8 oz CAB petite tenderloin served with brandy peppercorn, roasted red potatoes and local seasonal vegetables 

Chicken Parmesan 23.5 (pairs well with Goose Ridge G3)
panko encrusted chicken breast with marinara, mozzarella cheese on vodka cappellini

*GFO  Chicken Marsala 26 (pairs well with Gilbert Cellars Allobroges)
pan roasted chicken breast, sautéed mushrooms and marsala reduction, wilted spinach and roasted garlic mashed potatoes

*GFO  Calypso Chicken 21 (pairs well with Silverlake Roza riesling)
creole spice blackened chicken breast, fettuccine, creamy alfredo sauce, tomatoes, fresh spinach

Chicken Picatta 25 (pairs well with Rider Cellars pinot blanc)
pan roasted chicken, lemon caper butter sauce, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, local seasonal vegetables 



Fettuccine 17 (pairs well with Gilbert Cellars Chardonnay)
made with zucchini and your choice of marinara or parmesan cream
with chicken 21.5 / with Italian sausage 21.5 / with prawns 25

Cappellini Marinara 13.5 (pairs well with Nelms Road cabernet sauvignon)

cappellini pasta, house-made tomato sauce add house made meatballs, spicy Italian sausage or both for 8

*GFO  Vodka Cappellini 17 (pairs well with Heritage cabernet sauvignon)
spicy pink vodka sauce, asparagus, tomatoes
with sautéed chicken 19 / with sautéed prawns 25

Six Cheese Saccottini 24 (pairs well with L'Ecole)
cheese pasta purses with pesto cream sauce
with chicken 27 / with prawns 31.5



S'more Brownie Sundae 11
warm brownie with caramel and chocolate sauce, marsh-mellow and caramel gelato

Berry Cobbler 11
blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries in a buttery crust, topped with vanilla gelato

Classic Tiramisu 11
espresso soaked lady fingers, shaved chocolate, white chocolate liquor, bailey's irish cream and disaronno, mascarpone cheese mousse

Chocolate flourless Decadent Torte 11
with caramel sauce

New York Style Cheesecake 8

served with Melba sauce 



*GF   Salmon  11.95
mashed potatoes, broccoli and fresh fruit

*GFO  Chicken Strips  7.95
Grilled or Crunchy served with french fries, broccoli and fresh fruit

*GFO  Zippy Noodles  5.95
tossed in butter served with broccoli and fresh fruit

*GFO  Fettuccine Alfredo  5.95
Fettuccine with cream sauce add chicken 1.50 served with broccoli and fresh fruit

Macaroni & Cheese 5.95
served with broccoli and fresh fruit

Spaghetti Marinara 5.95
Spaghetti sauce only, or with one meatball, served with broccoli and fresh fruit 

 *GF = Gluten Free

*GFO = Gluten Free Option




Single Hill Brewing Co.

Sightglass Hazypale

Cerveza Blonde Ale

Fresh Hop IPA 


Bale Breaker

Yoxi Craft Hard Zeltzer

Top Cutter IPA

Bale Breaker Fresh Hop



Sunflight Hefe

Casita Lager

Dark Wave Stout


DirtyFace Amber Lager 

Wandering Hop 

369 Damn She Fine


Bottle Beer 

Stella Artois 4.50

Coors Light 3.50

Corona 4.50

Bud Light 4.50




 white Wine:

Silverlake Rosa Riesling: 8

Jones Of Washington Riesling: 8

Zenato Pino Grigio: 9

Maryhill Viognier: 9

Maryhill Chardonnay: 9

L'ecole Chardonnay: 10

Gilbert Cellars Unoaked Chardonnay: 11

Charles and Charles Rose: 8

Jones Of Washington rose: 8

Treveri Rose: 10

Treveri Blanc: 9


Red Wines:

Novalty Hill Malbec: 14

Narratif red: 12

G3 Red Blend: 9

Notebook Red Blend: 9

Hahn Pinot Noir: 9

Sheridan Merlot: 12

Januik Merlot: 8

Nelms Road Cab: 10

Heritage Cab: 11




Chardonnay by the Bottle


Januik – Cold Creek Vineyard

Columbia Valley, WA – Aromas and flavors of peach, nectarine, white plum, apples, and oak spices

Chateau Ste. Michelle  – Cold Creek Vineyard

Columbia Valley, WA – Deep delicious flavors of melon, grapefruit, and kiwi

Argyle “Nuthouse“ – Eola-Amity Hills Vineyard

Dundee, OR - Expressive grapefruit, white peach and lemon curd notes with clotted cream and baking bread nuances

Domaine Drouhin “Arthur” – Dundee Hills Vineyard

Dundee, OR - Aromatic notes of Anjou pear, green apple blossom, cardamom and coriander

Buty – Conner Lee Vineyard

Columbia Valley, WA - Lively citrus, mint, wet stone and leafy herb style as well as vibrant acidity on the palate.


Reds by the Bottle


Woodward Canyon “Artist Series #25” Cabernet Sauvignon

 – Woodward Canyon Vineyard

Columbia Valley, WA - Outstanding nose of blackcurrants, toasted spice, chocolate, and bouquet garni.

Doubleback Cabernet Sauvignon – McQueen Vineyard

Columbia Valley, WA - Crème de cassis, black currant, blackberry, wafts of dried cranberry

Pepperbridge Cabernet Sauvignon – Seven Hills Vineyards

Walla Walla, WA - Deep aromatics of dark fruit and brambles leap forward in this powerful vintage. Hints of blackberry cobbler and notes of rye and crushed rock make way for rich iron undertones. Subtle umami notes can be found lingering in the distance

Cole Solare Cabernet Sauvignon – Red Mountain Vineyard

Columbia Valley, WA - Aromas of black currants, dried fruit and cherry blend with subtle notes of anise, spice and cocoa

Pepperbridge Merlot  – Seven Hills Vineyards

Walla Walla, WA - This vintage brings subtle hints of deep plum, black cherry and savory notes. Tea leaves and pencil shavings usher in dusty notes with earthy undertones. Bright raspberries with darker threads of blueberries abound on the palate, followed by cherry pie, mocha and spice.

Mathews Claret – Stillwater Creek Vineyard

Columbia Valley, WA - Smoked black currants, strawberry, plum skin and a hint of vanilla bean. Swirling brings up dark spice, blackberry and sandalwood. The palate is dense and ripe with great texture, sweet muddled black fruits, super fine tannins, some savory spice and a fresh lifted finish

Andrew Will Red Blend - Ciel Du Cheval Vineyard

Columbia Valley, WA - Wine shows off an intriguing combination of red berries, plums, espresso, and river rocks on the nose.

Uriah Red Blend – Spring Valley Vineyard

Walla Walla, WA - Generous in its flavors of plum and violet, with hints of balsamic and herbs alongside dusty minerality

Owen Roe “Ex Umbris” Syrah – Dubrul Vinyards

Yakima, Valley, WA – bold fruit flavors, bursting with aromas of red plum, blueberry, and pink peppercorn. The palate is filled with refreshing flavors of fresh summer blackberries, currant, and dark chocolate



Orange Harvest 12

Homemade spiced simple syrup, whiskey, muddled orange and cherry,

candied orange garnish

Tropical Rush 13

Ciroc mango vodka, passion fruit puree, sweet and sour, 7-up, lemonade 

 Pair-Alicious  10

Absolute pear vodka, fresh lime juice, sweet and sour, dragon fruit

 Mango Margarita 12

Fresh squeezed lime juice, jalapeno agave simple syrup, mango puree, tequila reposado, grand marnier 

Soothing Sunset  9

Orange vodka, champagne, pellegrino orange, grenadine 

East Side 10

Gin, cucumber, mint, lime juice, simple syrup

Black Mamba 11

London dry "Big Gin", Bravo Amaro orange liquor, sweet Vermouth zesta style of the original nigroni




 Single Hill Brewing Co. 

 Sightglass Hazy Pale Ale

Cerveza blonde: (Pilsner)

Fresh Hop  IPA 

Bale Breaker Brewing Co.

Yoxi Craft Hard Seltzer

Topcutter IPA


Varietal Brewing Co.

Casita Lager

Sunflight Hefe 

Dark Wave Stout


Icicle Brewing Co.

DirtyFace Amber Lager

 Wandering Hop Brewing Co.

369 Damn She Fine



 White Wine:

Silverlake Rosa Riesling: 8

Jones Of Washington Riesling: 8

Zenato Pino Grigio: 9

Cantina Zaccagnini Pino Grigio: 10

Maryhill Viognier: 9

Maryhill Chardonnay: 9

L'ecole Chardonnay: 10

Gilbert Cellars Unoaked Chardonnay: 11

Charles and Charles Rose: 8

Jones Of Washington rose: 8

Treveri Rose: 9

Treveri Blanc: 9


Red Wines:

Novalty Hill Malbec: 14

G3 Red Blend: 9

Notebook Red Blend: 9

Hahn Pinot Noir: 9

Sheridan Merlot: 12

Januik Merlot: 8

Nelms Road Cab: 10

Heritage Cab: 11



  • Stella Artois: 3.50
  • Coors Light: 3.50
  • Corona: 4.50



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